About Ronald Fritkin


As a child growing up in Chicago, Ronald Fritkin was inspired by the artists, photographers and musicians who lived and worked in Hyde Park, a creative area surrounded by the University of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry.

While stationed in France in the early 1960’s, Fritkin spent every free moment sketching and painting in the artistic community of the Left Bank in Paris. These great pieces were sent back to the U.S. where a one-man show was totally sold out.

Upon returning to America, Fritkin’s European experience led to a career in commercial design and architecture. He pursued trade show exhibit design, and design work for world fairs, museums and marketing vehicles while he continued to pursue his passion for fine arts and perfect his skills.

"Soul"  60"x48" Oil on Canvas

“Soul” 60″x48″ Oil on Canvas

In 1999, the success of a phenomenal one-man show at Sternberg Gallery in the Hancock Center, Chicago, encouraged a nationally televised profile of Fritkin on WGN TV, presenting his imaginative oil paintings, charcoals and pencil drawings.

Before his unexpected death at the age of 64, Fritkin’s talent was magnificent as he continued to perfect his creativity, enabling him to capture societies’ evolution. His final piece was a portrait of a rap artist.